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Long-Lasting, Personalized Tags for Your Life

At Embroidery Graphix, we recognized the demand for personalized tags and have answered the call with our new line of custom leather tags!

Our customized tags have the same detailed, beautiful embroidery that our company is known for, and they're guaranteed to last a lifetime.

They're an ideal choice for tagging your luggage, golf bag, gym duffle, and anything else! They're also great for promoting unity among the members of sports teams, sales teams, and camp groups.

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A Tag For All Time

Luggage tags are only useful if they can stay with the bag they correspond to. In other words, a thin, plastic luggage tag that falls off while you're running to get to your terminal or snaps in half when your suitcase is tossed in a bus cargo hold just isn't worth having. Instead of wasting time and money to constantly replace broken or missing tags, it's a much better idea to simply invest in a tag that's built to last—one that can keep up with you as you travel!

At Embroidery Graphix, we pride ourselves on dealing only in high-quality apparel and accessories. This includes our leather luggage tags, which will compliment even designer bags and trunks. Each piece is assembled in Texas and specially crafted out of genuine leather (for the tag itself) and surgical steel (for the buckle and fastener). These qualities make for a final product that is strong, resilient, and absolutely beautiful.

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Individual Tags for Individual Journeys

We understand that one of the benefits of a custom tag is its uniqueness. After all, we deliberately chose to make our tags round so that they wouldn't look like common, rectangular tags! We value individuality so much, though, that we don't require a minimum order size on our embroidered luggage tags. Whether you need one tag for yourself or several dozen tags for the entire cheerleading squad, you'll be able to get an item (or items) made to your exact specifications.

(Note: a $25 “setup" fee is standard on all of our luggage tag orders. However, this fee is waived on orders of six pieces or more. Please speak to a sales representative for more information about buying in bulk.)

Want your team logo on your tag? Need to label it with your last name? Think your tag would look better (or match your suitcase more closely) if it had a little “flair" to it? Our company has a reputation for embroidery with clean, efficient needlework and steadfast stitching. And we offer in-house digitizing services, as well, which enable us to turn your company logo, team mascot, or last name into a digital “pattern" that's readable by commercial embroidery machines. Once an image or name has been digitized, placing it on luggage tags (and other accessories) can be done quickly and easily. A custom embroidered luggage tag isn't just a practical item—it's a tiny work of art that makes a great gift for wedding favors, birthday presents and other special occasions!